Max Romeo

Operations Director

Max is our ambitious founder: he is a motivated and passionate business consultant in operations, marketing and events management with an international broad experience gathered across a variety of industries such as healthcare, retail, technology and hospitality. Max is a strong analytical and strategic thinker with an inquisitive mind to seek out and implement best practices across the business; his goal is to strategically help customers deploy solutions that enable their business to grow at different levels. Max builds strong partnerships with small Business owners helping them find the best solution for their brand, their marketing and their employee management. He is a resource when it comes to managing events, attracting & retaining top talent and organising projects and operations for their clients. Max also supports entrepreneurs with time management coaching and reduce their stress allowing them to focus on what is important: their customers. 

Antonio Raga

Art Director

Antonio Raga is an architect but, after graduating at the Polytechnic University of Turin and working with some professional architecture studies, he found more affinity with the world of communication and both commercial and editorial graphics. Fascinated by this world he began to take his first steps in that world starting from the layout of architectural projects and drawing, first by hand and then digitally realised, then to the study of corporate identity, editorial and commercial layout and web design through layered and multiple experiences which taught him a lot in making what he is still today. The experience in publishing houses, printing companies, architectural firms, web agencies, companies and private clients, did strengthen skills and passion for his work, and stimulated him to discover effective, simple and creative solutions to complex problems in web design and more generically in IT.

Markus Bell

Marketing and Social Media Coordinator

Versatile and capable Marketer - Exhibition, Event, Online and Social Media Marketing, Project Manager, PR/Media and Advertisement Manager, Copy, Researcher, Editor, Web Strategist, with good experience in administration, organisation and initiating projects. If you are seeking to augment, establish or to improve your marketing with an experienced and accomplished professional known for breakthrough results, please talk to us. 15 years experience in marketing, Markus directs all phases of both the creative and technical elements of marketing initiatives including data mining, brand creation, print/Web collateral development, lead generation, channel partner cultivation, customer segmentation/profiling, as well as CRM and acquisition strategies.

Eoin Norton

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer with over 15 years of experience in commercial Creative, print and digital design, Eoin supports Max360 working with the team to bring our clients’ stories to life on the screen. A lover of a good story, he enjoys the challenge of bringing them to life on screen, the more adventurous the better. Eoin has many talents, a superior taste in music, playing music and a new found love for DYI. He has worked with a wide range of sectors from Non-profit charities, Music & Art Festivals to Book Publishing and corporate clients. Some highlights have been creating and branding a new UK music festival called 'The Meraki Festival', brand development of the ‘Virtual Reality and Future Tech Now Show’ and art directing/designing a 6 book science series for Hachette Publishing House.

Pamela Capoferri


Pamela is our talented artist who completes the design team. Pam is specialised in illustrations, storyboards, character designs, and concept art. She is able to create any design our client may envision and put it in paper. Yes, our Pam is old fashion: pencil and paper, mostly working traditionally. Her style is atmospheric, whimsical and expressive. Pam is very passionate about environment, freedom of speech and her work revolves around this subject.

John Sadler

Accounting Manager

John Sadler is the “numbers guy” in the team. He gained professional qualification as a Chartered Accountant (CAANZ) in 2008. After working with Big 4 accounting firm Deloitte in Australia (Perth and Melbourne), he ventured to London in 2009 and decided to break from public practice and worked with global news and media agencies. Very aware of the adage “the only constant is change”, John thrives in fast-paced environments such as those in the high-growth media industry. This exposure has created expertise and specialties in sub-industries including; digital media, media investment, creative agencies, project-based agencies. Holding director roles in finance, he managed onshore teams in London and also finance teams abroad. A senior leader who is adept at working with Global CEOs and CFOs, brand leaders, commercial directors, HR teams and business leads.

Joshua Warren

Social Media Content Creator

Joshua is one of our social media content creators, offering innovative strategies, advice and maintenance of SME's and start-up businesses. Using his literary acumen and creative expertise, Joshua runs our clients' channels, maximising their reach and results, whilst freeing up their time and energy to focus on other aspects of their business.

Malvia Kenlock

Career & Life Coach

Malvia Kenlock has gained a wealth of insightful knowledge and has trained with the highest accredited educators, pioneers in New York City, Miami and London. Malvia is a life and business coach. She is passionate about coaching ambitious entrepreneurs and professionals with a blend of strategic and mindfulness practices to bring success, balance and growth – professionally and personally. She works with new business owners, freelancers, entrepreneurs and professionals from all kinds of industries to bring their business dreams to life. Whether you have an offline business with an online presence OR you have a business that’s 100% online; whether you’re a one man (or woman) band or you already have a team, Malvia is the best support that you can ask for.